'The Walking Dead' Reveals Samantha Morton As Season Nine's Big Bad In A New Teaser

Andrew Roberts
20 Dec 2018

Samantha Morton's Alpha makes her debut in the new teaser for The Walking Dead season nine. AMC will bring the season back for the tail end of its ninth season in February, giving the survivors we've come to know and love a new enemy to face -- The Whisperers.


The teaser itself doesn't reveal too much, but it doesn't need to. Much like Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Morton's character is sewing and creating her face mask made from one of the many walkers on the show.

It's a fleshy, comfy look and plays upon the creepiness that we saw in the mid-season finale. If you've read the comics, you know that their appearance doesn't bode well for a bunch of the current survivors.

The Whisperers


We got our first tase in the mid-season finale, which we won't spoil here. The one thing to keep in mind that a lot of folks die in the comics when the Whisperers show up.

They're a primitive group that has shed their old lives to become "animals." Hence the name Alpha for their leader and Beta for the second-in-command. Their main trademark is wearing the flesh of walkers or roamers, blending in with the hordes and not stand out to get eaten.


Giphy | Outsiders

Beta will be played by Ryan Hurst of Sons Of Anarchy and Remember The Titans fame, the second in command to Morton's Alpha -- though it doesn't seem like it has to be that way.

The group is already responsible for the death of one key member of the main group on the show but should bring about a lot more. Morton might be one of the bigger names to join the show considering her impressive track record on the big screen.

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